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Design Course

Learn how to use the building blocks of the Web to create beautiful, interactive websites.


This online web design course has been designed for those candidates who do not have prior exposure to coding and does not know much about website design. We start from scratch and provide training up to professional level.
In this course you will learn latest HTML5,CSS3 and Bootstrap also. Our trainers are professional who know how to provide you the high-level of online training. This is an instructor based online training which has been supported by video tutorials also.Before enrolling in this course, we encourage you to go through our project demo so that you will get an idea how our training process will be.
Because of promising career, scope for creativity, high paying salary and challenging job, a lot of youngsters opt for career as a web designer.
But in most of the cases, candidates make mistake while taking right decision in right time. Also, makes blunder in choosing right training institute and in spite of paying hefty fees, one ends up either getting very less salaried job or no job at all.
Whether one wants to do web design course or any such career related I.T. course, most of the students get confused where to learn so that one gets value of money as well as 100% Job guarantee after completing this course.
AceproSchool Academy is one of the best Web Design Training center in Kolkata which assures you of high-quality, placement focused and real-world projects based training.
Does this mean that you have to shell out thousands of rupees for getting this advance and current industry oriented course? No, not at all, our course fee is much less than other web designs training institutes in Kolkata.
The question remains, when there is no dearth of I.T. training institutes in Kolkata which promise job placement assistance, then what sets Acesoftech Academy apart from other institutes?
Here are the reasons why you should choose for web design course in Kolkata at AceproSchool Academy

Prerequisites and Requirements

  •   Most Advance & latest course
  •   Low fees for vast course
  •   Industry-expert trainers
  •   Live projects
  •   Free domain of your choice
  •   100% job placement
  •   Videos

At the end of this course you will:

  •   Most Advance & latest course
  •   Low fees for vast course
  •   Industry-expert trainers

Duration & Fees

  • Course Fee : INR 20,000/- OR $220
  • Duration : 2.5 Months
  • Classes : 3 days in a week, each class 1.5 hours. (Weekend facility also available)

Our Trainers

  •   Umar A Rahman (Available)
  •   Asif Khan (Available)
  •   Anuradha Mahato (Available)
  •   Sourendranath Maity (Available)
  •   Arup Kr. Mondal (Available)


  • HTML5 introduction
  • Difference between HTML5 and HTML 4.0
  • Why HTML5?
  • HTML5 Browser support
  • HTML5 Syntax
  • Understanding different Attributes of HTML5
  • HTML5 Semantic Tags
  • Events
  • New HTML5 Form attributes
  • Canvas
  • Audio & Video
  • Geolocation
  • Microdata
  • SVG
  • MathML
  • Web Storage
  • Web SQL
  • Server Sent Events
  • WebSocket
  • Drag & drop
  • Web Workers
  • IndexedDB
  • Web Messaging
  • HTML5 Caching


  • What is CSS3
  • Difference between CSS and CSS3
  • What is new is CSS3
  • Using Rounded Corner in CSS3
  • Applying Border Images in CSS3
  • CSS Multi Background
  • CSS3 Color
  • Using Gradients
  • How to apply Shadow
  • CSS3 – Text
  • Webfont using CSS3
  • 2d transform using CSS3
  • 3d transform using CSS3
  • Animation using CSS3
  • Multi columns
  • CSS3 Box Sizing
  • Responsive Layout


  • What is Jquery
  • Difference between Jquery and javascript
  • Getting started with Jquery Basics
  • Selectors in Jquery
  • Attributes in Jquery
  • Show/Hide
  • FadeIn/fadeOut
  • SlideUp/SlideDown
  • Jquery animation
  • jQuery CSS
  • jQuery Events
  • jQuery AJAX


  • What is Bootstrap?
  • Getting started with Bootstrap
  • Understanding Grid System in Bootstrap
  • Understanding Fixed Layout
  • Understanding Fluid Layout
  • How to build Responsive-Layout
  • Bootstrap Typography
  • Bootstrap Tables
  • Bootstrap Lists
  • Bootstrap List Groups
  • Bootstrap Forms
  • Bootstrap Input Groups
  • Bootstrap Buttons
  • Bootstrap Button Groups
  • Bootstrap Images
  • Bootstrap Media Objects
  • Bootstrap Icons
  • Bootstrap Navs
  • Bootstrap Navbar
  • Bootstrap Panels
  • Bootstrap Breadcrumbs
  • Pagination in Bootstrap
  • What is Jumbotron
  • Using Wells


  • Using Modals
  • Using Dropdowns
  • Using Tabs
  • Bootstrap Tooltips
  • Bootstrap Popovers
  • Bootstrap Alerts
  • Bootstrap Stateful Buttons
  • Bootstrap Accordion
  • Bootstrap Carousel
  • PSD to Bootstrap conversion
  • Designing a 5 page website using Bootstrap

Course Duration & Fees

   Course Fee : INR 14,000/- OR $219

   Duration : 2.5 Months

   Classes : 3 days in a week, each class 1.5 hours. (Weekend facility also available)

    study materials

  •   E Books : 6
  •   Videos : 20

    mode of training

  •   Instructor Based Live Training


  •   We Will Issue Certificate After Successful Completion of the Course.

    training language

  •   English
  •   Hindi
  •   Bengali

Have questions or queries? Just drop an email or call us.

  •   +91 8583959528
  •   +91 8583959528
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Join us with an aim our experts will give wings to your dream.

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