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Freelance, Bidding & Project Management Course

In most of the cases we have good skill, we have time also. Not only that, we are eager to wrork and earn some extra bucks also. But have no idea where to get work. Also, few of earger persons might have also heard about freelance but there is so much competetion that there is rare chance of getting work.
In this freelance and bidding course we provide course which is time-tested as well as practial. This is the coure which only who can provide properly who has long expericne of freelancer bidding.
Our experienced trainer will teach you from beginning to how to get a project. Not only that there are few rules of freelance websites which hardly any one reads. But only experienced trainer can tell that. So, our trainer also teaches you hidden what to do and what not to do.

Either you can start your own business or work from home
Suppose you want to start a company, you have few skilled persons also. But the central question is where the work will come from. Since, coming project is the main point. It's most likely that initially you or any of your truted person would like to handle this section. In that case this coure may provide to be beneficial.
Also, because of some reason, you would rather work from home. In that case also this course will be helpful for you.

You can work as bidding and freelance manager.
Bidding and getting proejcts has become a truth for not only the individual but the company also.
So, in almost all I.T. agencies project bidders are required. And project bidding has become career. The benifit is that one can either word from home on comission basis or work in the comopany as a full-time bidder.

Prerequisites and Requirements

  •   Most Advance & latest course
  •   Low fees for vast course
  •   Industry-expert trainers
  •   Live projects
  •   Free domain of your choice
  •   100% job placement
  •   Videos

At the end of this course you will:

  •   Most Advance & latest course
  •   Low fees for vast course
  •   Industry-expert trainers

Duration & Fees

  • Course Fee : INR 7,000/- OR $110
  • Duration : 1 Months
  • Classes : 3 days in a week, each class 1.5 hours. (Weekend facility also available)

Our Trainers

  •   Umar A Rahman (Available)
  •   Asif Khan (Available)
  •   Anuradha Mahato (Available)
  •   Sourendranath Maity (Available)
  •   Arup Kr. Mondal (Available)

  • Create an account.
  • What precautions you must take before creating an account.
  • How to make your profile better.
  • How to build your portfolio.
  • How to build your portfolio if your are new.
  • How to bid a project.
  • How to bid so that there is high-chances of fetching the project.
  • What is milstone and how this works.
  • How to avoid online fraud.
  • How to handle dispute.
  • Help in general examination passing.
  • How to get at least 2-3 5 star rating. And excellent reviews
  • How to maintain your completion rate.

  • How Upwork works.
  • Creating account in upwork.
  • Build profile.
  • Manage portfolio.
  • Pass examination.
  • How to make bidding.
  • How to bid so that there is maximum chance of gettign project.
  • How to manage your hourly work.
  • How to get 2-3 reviews and excellent rating.
  • Precautions which one should take so that account is not suspended.

  • Understanding how works and how its different from others.
  • Creating account as a worker.
  • Building your profile.
  • Creating Portfolio.
  • Bidding on projects.
  • How to bid project so that there is maximum chance of getting project.
  • Things you must not do or else your account will be suspended/banned.
  • How to work/manage hourly rate project.
  • How to get 5 star 2-3 rating.

  • What is and how it's different from freelance websites.
  • Creating your first Gigs.
  • How to promote your Gigs.
  • How to increase your level.
  • How to get additional Gigs.
  • How to attract your customers.
  • Things you must not do or else your account will be suspended/banned

Course Duration & Fees

   Course Fee : INR 7,000/- OR $110

   Duration : 1 Months

   Classes : 3 days in a week, each class 1.5 hours. (Weekend facility also available)

    study materials

  •   E Books : 6
  •   Videos : 20

    mode of training

  •   Instructor Based Live Training


  •   We Will Issue Certificate After Successful Completion of the Course.

    training language

  •   English
  •   Hindi
  •   Bengali

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