Digital Marketing Course

Learn how to use the building blocks of the Web to create beautiful, interactive websites.

Digital Marketing Course Introduction

There was a time when social networking sites were confined to those only who was in IT field. But if you look at scenario today, who does not know about twitter? Even school children are now used to facebook. People watch their favorite movies on Youtube.Newspaper advertising , radio advertising and Television advertisement were enough to advertise one products or services.
But not the time has changed and and era has come where Digital marketing has become essential whether it's small, medium or a large scale business.
And this brought a lot of career opportunities for new generation peoples.
AcePro School provides advance and Industrial Digital Marketing course which is based on latest and revised course.
The course has been designed by the Digital Marketing expert group who has been in SEO and Digital marketing field for more than 10 years.

Why Digital Marketing Course

This online Digital Marketing course will enable you to: Enhance skill of current and latest updates of Digital Marketing concepts, approaches and you will also get acquainted with how you can use Digital Marketing with conventional marketing strategy.
Enhance skill of understanding of the factors that impacts visitor’s behaviour in the digital economy.
Develop updated and in-depth knowledge in the practices that relate to digital and data-driven marketing, including data analysis and planning.
Make a comprehensive plan for you or your clients business Digital Marketing strategies. You will also be able to know how with lesser budgets you can get maximum benefits
Do comprehensive research and apply those expertise in particular area to make your business presence felt to the potential customers
Gain knowledge of how to advertise your business on domestic as well as international market to increase visitors and ultimately more income

Prerequisites and Requirements

  •   Most Advance & latest course
  •   Low fees for vast course
  •   Industry-expert trainers
  •   Live projects
  •   Free domain of your choice
  •   100% job placement
  •   Videos

At the end of this course you will:

  •   Most Advance & latest course
  •   Low fees for vast course
  •   Industry-expert trainers

Duration & Fees

  • Course Fee : INR 20,000/- OR $400
  • Duration : 3 Months
  • Classes : 3 days in a week, each class 1.5 hours. (Weekend facility also available)

Our Trainers

  •   Umar A Rahman (Available)
  •   Asif Khan (Available)
  •   Anuradha Mahato (Available)
  •   Sourendranath Maity (Available)
  •   Arup Kr. Mondal (Available)

    Digital Marketing Introduction

  • What is digital marketing?
  • How digital marketing is different from traditional marketing
  • Why digital marketing must be combined with traditional marketing
  • How Digital Marketing is affecting business

    Planning and website architecture

  • Understanding nature of business for website
  • Understanding customer requirements and your suggestions
  • Choosing right domain name
  • Understanding target audience
  • Getting the website ready which is mobile friendly
  • How to get developed User-friendly and SEO friendly website
  • Why UX/UI of website is crucial for better marketing

    What is SEO and SEM?

  • What is Search Engine Optimization?
  • How search Engine works
  • Why we need SEO
  • Keyword research and competitors analyses
    • Using different tools for finding best keywords
    • Using Google’s Keyword Planner for finding best keywords
    • Finding target audience
    • Applying the collected the keywords in the website
  • On-page SEO
    • Title optimization
    • H1, H2 etc optimization
    • Image optimization
    • Content optimization
    • URL optimization
    • Internal structure and Sitemap
    • Google sitemap
    • Google Webmaster
  • Off-Page SEO
    • Understanding concept of Back links
    • How to get effective back links
    • Social Bookmarking
    • Content submission
    • Forum submission
    • Press-release
  • Local SEO
    • How to optimize your website for local search
    • Why local search you should never overlook
    • What is Google Local listing
    • How to optimize Google’s local listing
  • Web audits and analysis
    • How to use tools to find internal links
    • How to use tool to find competitors backlines
    • How to analyze your own website using tools
    • How to check page speed and optimize it

    What is Social Media Marketing (SMM)

  • Understanding Importance of Social Media
  • What is social Media Marketing and why its important for online presence and branding
  • Detailed coverage on Facebook
  • Detailed coverage of twitter
  • Detailed coverage of Google plus
  • Detailed coverage of LinkedIn

    Email Marketing

  • Why email marketing for business
  • Understanding Do’s and don'ts of E-mail marketing
  • Creating attractive email content
  • How to avoid web spamming
  • How to track your email conversion sand visitors through emails

    Lead generation and conversion

  • Understanding Lead generation process
  • Why leads are essential for target customers
  • How to collect genuine leads
  • How to use your lead for best results
  • Understanding newsletter for lead generation

    Digital Display Marketing

  • What is banner advertising?
  • How to advertise your banner on Youtube
  • How to advertise your banner on Facebook
  • How to advertise your banner through Adword
  • dentifying websites where we can advertise our banners
  • Text Links vs Graphic links

    E-commerce website marketing

  • Understanding concept of how e-commerce websites works
  • How UI/UX is crucial for e-commerce websites
  • How to Apply Organic SEO strategy for e-commerce website promotion
  • Using facebook for online promotion of e-commerce website
  • Doing on-page and Offpage SEO for ecommerce websites

    Adword (PPC) campaign

  • What is PPC
  • How it’s different from Organic SEO
  • How to create Adword account and manage
  • How to create successful campaign
  • How to create better ads
  • Understanding bidding in Adword
  • Understanding conversion in PPC

    Mobile Web Marketing

  • Understanding Mobile Marketing
  • Why mobile marketing you should not overlook
  • How mobile advertising is different from desktop version
  • How to create effective banners for mobile marketing
  • What is mobile Apps and how to optimize it on Google play

    Blog and earning through Adsense

  • How to create free blogs
  • How to write effective blogs
  • How to optimize blogs
  • Engaging your visitors in your blog
  • How to apply for Adsense
  • How to earn extra money through Adsense

    Affiliate Marketing

  • Understanding Affiliate Marketing
  • How to find best paying affiliates sites
  • Detailed coverage in CJ(commission junction)
  • How to optimize your blog and website for affiliate marketing

    Web Analytics and visitors tracking

  • What is Google Analytics
  • How to create analytics accounts
  • How to integrate code on your website
  • How to track your visitors
  • How to optimize your blog/website as per users visits
  • Changing your business strategy as per your visitors behaviour

    Content Marketing

  • Why quality content is essential for website
  • How to write unique content
  • How to engage your visitors with useful content
  • How to submit your content in the web for link generation
  • How to earn as freelance content writer

    YouTube Advertising

  • How to post your video on Yourtube
  • How to optimize video for better search presence
  • How to advertise on Youtube
  • How to earn money on Youtube

    WordPress SEO

  • What is WordPress
  • Why WordPress is best for blogging software
  • How to install WordPress
  • How to change theme
  • How to add content
  • How to SEO optimize WordPress website

    Online Reviews and brand reputation

  • What are online reviews?
  • How this affects your business
  • How to get reviews from your customers
  • How to give polite reply for bad reviews

Course Duration & Fees

   Course Fee : INR 20,000/- OR $400

   Duration : 3 Months

   Classes : 3 days in a week, each class 1.5 hours. (Weekend facility also available)

    study materials

  •   E Books : 6
  •   Videos : 20

    mode of training

  •   Instructor Based Live Training


  •   We Will Issue Certificate After Successful Completion of the Course.

    training language

  •   English
  •   Hindi
  •   Bengali

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