MEAN / Full Stack Training in Kolkata

Course Introduction

Are you ready to take your coding skills to the next level? Look no further! Acesoftech Academy is here to offer you an exciting opportunity to become a master of MEAN / Full Stack development. Whether you’re a beginner or already have some programming experience, this comprehensive training program in Kolkata will equip you with all the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in this rapidly growing field. 

In today’s digital age, companies are constantly searching for talented individuals who can create dynamic websites and applications that seamlessly integrate both front-end and back-end technologies. And that’s exactly what MEAN / Full Stack developers do! They are proficient in MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS, and Node.js – four powerful technologies that form the foundation of modern web development. So if you want to unlock endless career possibilities in the world of web development, join our MEAN / Full Stack Training in Kolkata now! Let’s dive deeper into what this course has to offer.

Who Can Join This?

The MEAN / Full Stack training in Kolkata is designed for individuals who want to build a successful career as full stack developers. Whether you are a fresher who wants to enter the IT industry or an experienced professional looking to upgrade your skills, this course is perfect for you. If you have a passion for coding and a strong desire to learn new technologies, then this course is definitely for you. It doesn’t matter if you have prior knowledge of programming languages or not; our trainers will start from scratch and teach you everything step by step.

This course is open to students, working professionals, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and anyone else who wants to enhance their expertise in web development. The only prerequisite is that you should be willing to put in the effort and dedication required to become a proficient full stack developer. Whether you hold a degree in computer science or come from a non-technical background, our trainers will ensure that everyone understands the concepts thoroughly. So don’t worry about your educational background – all are welcome!

By joining this MEAN / Full Stack training program at Acesoftech Academy in Kolkata, you can take your first step towards becoming an expert full stack developer and unlock countless opportunities in the IT industry.


Before diving into the world of MEAN / Full Stack development, it is important to have a solid foundation in certain programming languages and concepts. While this course is designed for beginners, having some prior knowledge can certainly give you an edge. To get the most out of the MEAN / Full Stack training in Kolkata, it is recommended to have a basic understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. These are the building blocks of web development and will form the backbone of your journey towards becoming a proficient full stack developer.

Additionally, familiarity with databases such as MySQL or MongoDB can be beneficial. Understanding how data is stored and retrieved will enhance your ability to build dynamic web applications using MEAN stack technologies. Having good problem-solving skills and logical thinking abilities will also go a long way in mastering MEAN / Full Stack development. As you embark on this learning journey, being able to analyze problems and come up with efficient solutions will be key in creating robust web applications.

Remember that while these prerequisites may seem daunting at first, they are merely stepping stones towards achieving expertise in MEAN / Full Stack development. With dedication and guidance from experienced instructors at Acesoftech Academy, you’ll soon find yourself well-equipped for success in this exciting field!

MEAN / Full Stack Course Content

The MEAN / Full Stack course offered by Acesoftech Academy in Kolkata is designed to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to become proficient full stack developers. The course covers a wide range of topics, ensuring that students have a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of web development.

The course starts with an introduction to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, providing a solid foundation for building dynamic websites. Students then move on to learn about MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS, and Node.js – collectively known as the MEAN stack. These technologies are widely used in the industry and mastering them opens up numerous job opportunities.

In addition to learning about the individual components of the MEAN stack, students also gain hands-on experience through practical projects. They learn how to build responsive web applications using these technologies and understand concepts such as routing, data binding, authentication, and more.

Throughout the course duration, students receive guidance from experienced instructors who provide personalized attention. This ensures that they not only grasp the theoretical concepts but also develop practical problem-solving skills. By the end of this comprehensive training program at Acesoftech Academy in Kolkata, students will be well-equipped to take on challenging roles as full stack developers in today’s competitive job market.

Why Acesoftech Academy For MEAN / Full Stack Course

Acesoftech Academy is the go-to destination for anyone looking to enroll in a MEAN/Full Stack course in Kolkata. With their expertise and industry experience, they provide top-notch training that equips students with the skills needed to excel in this field. One of the reasons why Acesoftech Academy stands out is their comprehensive course curriculum. They cover all aspects of MEAN/Full Stack development, ensuring that students have a well-rounded understanding of the subject. From front-end technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to back-end frameworks like Node.js and Express.js, every essential component is covered.

What sets Acesoftech Academy apart from other training institutes is their hands-on approach. They believe in practical learning rather than just theoretical knowledge. Students get ample opportunities to work on real-life projects under expert guidance, allowing them to apply what they have learned and gain valuable experience. The faculty at Acesoftech Academy are industry professionals who bring years of experience into the classroom. Their practical insights and up-to-date knowledge make learning engaging and relevant. Students benefit from personalized attention as class sizes are kept small, enabling better interaction with instructors.

Furthermore, Acesoftech Academy provides job placement assistance to its students after successful completion of the course. They have strong ties with numerous companies in Kolkata’s tech industry which gives students an edge when it comes to finding employment opportunities. If you’re considering pursuing a MEAN/Full Stack course in Kolkata, look no further than Acesoftech Academy. With their experienced faculty, comprehensive curriculum, hands-on approach, and job placement assistance; they offer everything you need for a successful career in this field.

MEAN / Full Stack Course FAQs

1.What is the duration of the MEAN / Full Stack course?

The duration of the MEAN / Full Stack course at Acesoftech Academy in Kolkata is 3 months. The course is designed to provide comprehensive training on all aspects of full-stack development using the MEAN stack.

2. Do I need any prior programming experience to join this course?

While it is not mandatory to have prior programming experience, a basic understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript will be helpful. Our trainers are experienced professionals who can guide you through the learning process regardless of your level of expertise.

3. Can I get job assistance after completing this course?

Yes, Acesoftech Academy provides job assistance to all its students upon successful completion of the MEAN / Full Stack course. We have tie-ups with various companies in Kolkata and can help you with job placements based on your skills and performance during the training program.

4. Will I receive a certificate after completing this course?

Yes, upon successful completion of the MEAN / Full Stack course, you will receive a certificate from Acesoftech Academy which will validate your skills as a full-stack developer using the MEAN stack.

5. Can I attend classes remotely or only in-person?

We offer both options for attending classes – in-person at our Kolkata center or remotely via online sessions. You can choose whichever mode suits you best based on your location and convenience.

6. Are there any additional resources provided along with the training material?

Yes, we provide additional resources such as study materials, code samples, assignments, and access to our online learning platform where you can practice coding exercises and interact with fellow learners.

7. What projects will be covered during this course?

During the MEAN / Full Stack course, you will work on multiple real-world projects that simulate industry scenarios. These projects will enable you to apply your theoretical knowledge into practical applications and enhance your problem-solving skills.

MEAN / Full Stack Testimonial

But don’t just take our word for it. Here are some testimonials from our past students who have successfully completed the MEAN / Full Stack training at Acesoftech Academy:

“Joining the MEAN / Full Stack course at Acesoftech Academy was one of the best decisions I made for my career. The trainers were highly knowledgeable and provided hands-on training that helped me gain practical skills in web development. The course content was comprehensive, covering all aspects of MEAN stack development. Today, I am working as a full stack developer and owe my success to this training.” – Rajesh Kumar

“The MEAN / Full Stack course at Acesoftech Academy exceeded my expectations in every way. Not only did I learn the fundamentals of each component of the MEAN stack, but I also gained experience working on real-world projects during the training. The trainers were always available to clarify doubts and provide guidance throughout the course. Thanks to this training, I am now confidently working as a full stack developer.” – Riya Sharma

“I had no prior knowledge or experience in web development before joining the MEAN / Full Stack course at Acesoftech Academy. However, with their expert guidance and well-structured curriculum, I was able to grasp the concepts quickly and build practical applications using MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS, and Node.js. This training not only helped me land a job as a full stack developer but also boosted my confidence in tackling complex web projects.” – Amit Singh

If you’re looking for top-notch MEAN/Full Stack training in Kolkata that provides comprehensive knowledge along with hands-on experience, then look no further than Acesoftech Academy. With experienced trainers, industry-relevant curriculum,and a supportive learning environment,Acesoftech Academy ensures that you acquire all necessary skills required to excel as a full-stack developer.

Duration & Fees

  • Course Fee :WhatsApp 8583959528
  • Duration : 4-5 Months
  • Classes : 3 days in a week, each class 2 hours. (Weekend facility also available)

Our Trainers

  •   Umar A Rahman (Available)
  •   Asif Khan (Available)
  •   Anuradha Mahato (Available)
  •   Sourendranath Maity (Available)
  •   Arup Kr. Mondal (Available)

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