Digital Marketing Training in Guwahati


With a massive pool of English speaking and technically sound population, Guwahati scores predominantly in providing the IT industry skilled manpower, both in communication & soft skills, for the digital marketing industry countrywide. So, with proper planning & implementation, Guwahati can be turned into a proper IT hub in years to come. Also, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has recently inaugurated Electronics & ICT Academy at IIT Guwahati under the ‘Digital India’ initiative.


Who should learn Digital Marketing course

Digital marketing is a non-technical field & can be easily grasped by almost everyone. As college students on the desire to develop their career, digital marketing can be among the best available options. Digital Marketing is booming along with the demand for professionally-trained digital marketers. You should opt for the digital marketing course if you have the desire to acquire electronic advertising skills and expand the brand name of companies.


Career as Digital Marketer in Guwahati

According to a Times of India report, Digital Marketing created close to 1.5 lac jobs in India in the year 2017. There is a long list of digital marketing job opportunities in India. The digital marketing salary range is attractive and the scope of the career opportunities is massive. Thus, if you are opting for a Career as Digital Marketer in Guwahati, don’t think too much and just follow your heart. For more guidance, you can always get in touch with the famous training center – Ace Pro School!


Why Online Digital Marketing Course

Online learning allows you full flexibility. If you have family obligations, the traditional education does not allow an option for you to be able to adjust class attendance as per your schedule. Online education has made this very much possible, through its philosophy in which students are not left alone but are guided via a structured & flexible procedure according to their requirements and needs. This is an important reason for choosing Online Digital Marketing Course.


Why Ace Pro School For Online Digital Marketing Course in Guwahati?

Ace Pro School commits to high-quality Digital Marketing training by dedicating every session to conceptual understanding of simple & repetitive Digital Marketing Techniques to help you understand & remember well. We have designed and we follow a predefined structure for ‘hour-wise’ allotment of all topics of the Digital Marketing training course. Give us a jingle whenever you make your mind up to join us!