What are the best SEO tools in 2019?

SEO tools

Want to be successful in digital marketing? At a time, multiple tasks have to be performed by the marketers. It is not possible to do all the tasks manually when the time is limited. Then some tools can be used for it

So what is the solution to get through this?

With the help of some useful SEO tools this can be done efficiently. The SEO tools are very beneficial to rank the content on Google’s first page.

In this article, I will share about the best SEO tools. It will help us in many ways such as rank tracking, link building, keyword research or competitor rank. It will surely help to increase the rank in Google.

All the tools are very beneficial to the digital marketing industry.

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In this article, we will know about the SEO tools which is used for rank tracking, competitor research, keyword research, or link building.

Let’s go through the list given below:


1) Ahrefs:

Ahrefs is a SEO tools which observes niche, search traffic and competitors.

Ahrefs helps to improve the search rankings. For backlink analysis tools, their site explorer is the best among other backlink analysis tools. For searching the most popular content for any topic or keyword on the web, they have the content explorer.

There are numerous of SEO tool but online marketers or small business owners prefer to use Ahrefs.

Tools of Ahrefs:

i) Keyword Research

ii) Content Research

iii) Backlink Research

iv) Rank Tracking

v) Competitive Analysis

vi) Web Monitoring

They charge $99 per month and have annual option as well. For all plans they offer free trials also.



2) Serpstat

The complete package of digital growth hacking tool which helps to optimize PPC, SEO and content marketing campaigns is Serpstat.

The main features of Serpstat are as follows:

i) Determine the value of keywords

ii) Check webpage’s relevance

iii) Find keyword variations and search suggestion to expand the semantic core.

iv) Collect keywords for SEO and PPC campaigns

v) Discover international data

vi) Analyze keyword trends

vii) Get long-tail keywords

viii) Find out what pages are showing up in search results for a keyword

They have four plans with prices starting from $19 per month to $299 per month.


3) Long Tail Pro:

To get more website traffic, Long tail pro is the best tool which shows targeted and good long tail keywords. From being a downloaded application, long tail pro has moved to cloud-based which means that it can be used in browser also.

In the field of SEO and before moving to cloud, long tail pro was one of the most popular keyword research tools.

Features of long tail pro:

i) Adwords data

ii) Score keyword competitiveness

iii) Calculate Keyword Profitability

iv) Custom Difficulty Targets

v) Sort & Track

Apart from 7-day free trial version they charge $25 per month.

long tail pro

4) SEMRush:

It is a best and powerful website analysis tool from that domain ranking can be checked or any keyword. This tool helps to find out the best backlinks, keywords, content, paid traffic and competitor also.

Over the past couple of years, SEMRush has become popular because they have taken competitor research to another level altogether.

They offer free trial version for 14 days and their monthly plan starts at $99.95.


5) SEOptimer:

This tool helps to check many things such as the off-page metrics, backlinks, domain authority, Moz matrix, website speed, keyword usage, etc. SEOptimer is a great tool because it analyses the website and shows the SEO of the website. If there is any flaws and it gives recommendation so that website can be improved. It is a free SEO tools.


6) Mangools:

When it comes to SEO packages, Mangools is affordable. With their great design, they show how SEO tools should look like and easy to use. They have simple features.

In their most popular tool which is called KWfinder for competitor analysis.

This tool is used to analyze SERPs, keywords of competitors, rank tracking, backlinks and SEO insights.


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7) Google Keyword Planner:

From the house of Google, this is a popular SEO tools. This tool helps to see the historical statistics for any keyword, profitable keywords for the content can be searched. Google keyword planner is a free ad tool. It helps to find the right keywords to target the audience.

google keyword planner

8) Google Webmaster Tools:

Through this tools, sitemap for the websites can be submitted or checked. It helps to see indexing, crawl rate status, internal/external links etc. of the website.

Another name is Google search console and it is a web service by Google. They don’t take any charge for their services.

google search console

9) Google Analytics:

It is commonly used web analytics service on web. It is used to track the activity of the website. Website activity of the users such as pages per session, bounce rates, session duration, etc. can be easily tracked.

This tools can help to analyze the in-depth information about the visitors on the website. They provide free services.

google analytics

10) Google Trends:

It is a website which helps to analyze the popularity of top queries in Google Search across numerous languages and regions.

With this SEO tools, it is easy to find out what is currently searched in Google. It also helps in increasing the website ranking and traffic.

Google Trends

11) Google Page Speed Insight:

Another popular tool from the Google family is Google page speed insight. With the help of this tool the website speed can be checked.

In Google Algorithm, website loading speed is a very important factor in Google Ranking.

It provides the report of the website page speed and shows the places which can improve the speed of the website.

Google page speed insights

12) SimilarWeb:

The traffic of two websites can be compared by Similar Web. It gives information about the competitor’s website.


13) Find Broken Links:

A link on a web page which is no longer working because of some reasons. To get rid of broken links, this tool helps to find out the links on the website.


14) XML Sitemaps:

In a site map, a hierarchical list of pages organized by topic or category. The sitemap for the website can be created with this tool. Instructions to search engine crawl bots are provided by XML document.

All you need to do is enter the website URL to create a sitemap and after the sitemap is created, submit it in webmaster tools.

xml sitemap



Concluding this topic, we know they are many SEO tools in the industry. But the list mentioned above is the trending SEO tools in 2019.

It helps to develop and improve the business. Using these tools, it is very easy to analyze various concerns such as keywords used, internal or external links, broken links, information about the competitor, website page speed, etc. All this is a part of digital marketing.

To increase company awareness all the aspects are important. Digital marketing is a very popular course.

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