Hidden tricks of Digital Marketing to grow your Business

tricks of digital marketing

Every company irrespective of the scale or type want to expand their business. The requirements and method of increasing sales are changing as time passes. Almost every company is modifying the methods of marketing according to the customer’s demand and need. In marketing, technology has played a major role. Through technology, the meaning of marketing has been changed. For every business, companies have started advertising their product or services on the internet. Marketing through the internet is known as online marketing or digital marketing. Nowadays, companies are mostly dependent on the internet for marketing. There are various ways they use online marketing tricks such as to increase a following on social media, creating content, collecting reviews and feedback, to rank high of SEOs, generating leads, surveying to analyze their customers’ requirement, to grow their businesses and handle their businesses reputation.

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Here are some of the hidden tricks that companies use to grow their businesses:



The first secret trick is Famoid. It is a very reasonable and helpful social media management tool which promotes its clients on all social media such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn. Through Famoid, their clients gain real active followers within a short time of purchasing the services. On any social platform, they get active followers. They not only increase the followers on social media but the likes also. On social media, brands get real growth with the help of Famoid. If the followers increases then there is also a chance of customers buying the product.

Famoid safeguards the privacy of the customers and the payment gateway is also very secure.



Another secret trick of social media marketing tool is Hootsuite which helps the brand to uphold a solid social media presence. From a single point, all of their social media accounts can be managed. Hootsuite helps the brands to search, schedule and manage their social media content. It is helpful to those brands which have more than one social media accounts and find it difficult to handle it manually.

Through Hootsuite, it helps the brand to schedule numerous posts in advance. The contents can be organized easily and it is saved in the cloud and it releases the content as per schedules time and date. It also provides security to all their login information, passwords and profiles. Effectiveness of the posts is also provided by Hootsuite.



The company uses a tool for online reputation management is Sitetrail which includes a complete suite of solutions. The social suites of Sitetrail allow brands to get involved with their communities on social media to build their status and increase sale.

With the help of Sitetrail, huge organizations use it to outsource the observing, PR and management in one place. It requests feedback from local consumers and executes surveys to collect extensive customer feedback. After customer interaction, the sales representative can use their mobile to request online reviews.

Sitetrail helps the company to analyze their strength, weakness, problems and make improvement which can increase the sales from the collected data.



To know the information about the competitor’s website, the tool which the company use is SimilarWeb. It is a market intelligence tool which provides a complete analysis report for each brand’s website or application. Through this, the company can easily compare their website with their opponent’s websites.



Another tool used for social media marketing is lithium which helps the company to build groups and connect to their customers. Their contents, campaigns and responses can be managed through this tool. With the help of Lithium, their involvement with their social media, mobile apps communities and websites can also be managed. It organizes the posting of brands across several social media platforms. After that, it creates communities and helps the brands to handle conversations about their brands.

Brands collect valuable data which shows what people think about their products so that they can make a change and improve their sales and reputation.


Therefore, we can say that there is a lot way of expanding the business with these secret tools of digital marketing. Digital marketing is a vast subject. It has created a powerful impact on the companies.

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