Why You Should Learn Website Design Course From Acesoftech Academy?

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There are many institutes in Kolkata which gives training on I.T courses. Learners need to research before joining an institute. Because the institutes will prepare the candidates to work in the industry and without proper training and guide, this is not possible. In Google, many institutes appear when they search for I.T courses but one should not go by the advertising of an institute. The candidates should get the actual report of the institute.

So the question arises that why learners should join Acesoftech Academy for web design course.

Below we are listing some essential points which will prove why Acesoftech Academy is different from other training institutes.

Acesoftech Academy provides advanced web design course in Kolkata.

Here are some important points which should be considered before joining an institute:


i) Course Content:

First and the most important point to be considered before taking admission is the course content. You should always check the course content. Is it according to the industry or not? At Acesoftech Academy, we provide latest and updated course content. We provide in-depth knowledge about the course.
The web design course content in our institute is according to the latest trend and we always update our course as per the industry standard. Acesoftech Academy was the first institute in Kolkata to include JavaScript and JQuery in their web designing course. We provide advanced training in web designing.


ii) Professional Trainers:

The second reason to join Acesoftech Academy is that their teachers in this institute give training according to the current demand of the industry. The teachers not only gives theoretical knowledge but practical knowledge also. The teachers are not only teaching but they are working professionals in the website designing industry so that they can explain the current scenario of the industry to the students. The trainers train the student how to work and what is important in the industry. The trainers are practising professionals in their field. We provide high-quality training.


iii) Practical and Live Projects:

Another point to be kept in mind is that whether the institute gives practical training or not. Any knowledge without implementing it is a waste. At Acesoftech Academy the students need to do practical and live projects also. We provide theoretical and practical knowledge as well. Through practical and live-projects, the students get to experience and get real-time experience. Without doing live projects, we don’t provide a course certificate and that course is considered incomplete. So, the students must do live-projects. By practising, the concepts get cleared and make it easy to understand.


iv) One to One Training:

At Acesoftech Academy, we provide one to one training. Every student has a different level of understanding. Keeping this mind, we provide one to one training so that special attention can be given. In a batch system, some students get the topic fast and some take time. Our main objective is to make the students understand the topic and not just complete the course. The trainers are anytime ready to help the students.


v) Mode of Teaching:

What is the method of teaching? This is also an important question that comes to our mind when we are looking for the web design training institute in Kolkata. As we mentioned earlier that we give importance to theoretical and practical education, and we also provide one to one training. First, we give theoretical education by providing PDF format books and then we provide tutorial videos so that they can easily practice it. To get maximum knowledge, we need to practice it. The videos are very much beneficial to the students because it becomes a future reference if any problem arises. Each step is clearly explained through the videos.


vi) Flexible Timing:

There is no fixed time because there is no batch system. The timing is flexible in our institute. They are allowed to select their time as per their convenience. The institute is open on all days from 10 am to 7 pm. During this time, anyone can come and study the course.


vii) Free Hosting:

In our course module, we give free hosting. For that, the students only need to register one domain and it costs around Rs.300 only. The cost of hosting is Rs.2500 to Rs.3000 but we don’t charge a single rupee for it. We provide free hosting for one year without any hidden cost. From this student get the idea that how they have to work in the industry.


viii) Placement Assistance:

Acesoftech Academy not only provides training but also gives placement assistance. We aim to train the students and help them to get a job as well. We provide 100% placement assistance to our students also.


ix) Affordable Fees:

Lastly, we have to see what the course fee is because this is an important point to be considered. The fees of the web designing course are also very affordable as compared to other institutes. We don’t charge a high price for the course. Though our fees are affordable we don’t comprise to our course content.



As we can understand that the points mentioned above are very important. The course content must be up to date so that the students have the proper knowledge and can work in the industry. Proper training must be given which will help the students to get a job. The structure of the course is made in such a way that the students get the best training. We not only give training but provide 100% placement assistance. Our course fees are not expensive.

Therefore, we can say that Acesoftech Academy is one of the best web design training institute in Kolkata. We provide the best web design training in Kolkata.