Why BBA or MBA Graduate Should Learn Digital Marketing?

digital marketing

In the 21st century, technology has played an important role. Technology has given many career options to the world whether be it web designer, web developer or an engineer in any field. Because the world is developing, there is development in every field.

In today’s time, people are using the internet very commonly. This has helped in the marketing field also. Digital marketing has taken over the traditional marketing system.

Nowadays, people want every information on their fingertip. This is the reason the company has started advertising or promoting their business on the online platform.

Through digital marketing, a product or services awareness can be easily created. It has a mass impact on people.

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Digital marketing has changed the meaning of marketing and it is a good option for the students of BBA or MBA to learn this course.

Let’s check out the reasons why the BBA/MBA graduated should learn digital marketing:


i) Easy to learn:

For BBA or MBA students, this course is easy to learn because it is a non-technical course. If anyone who is attracted to the internet, then this course is perfect. In BBA or MBA, the students already get knowledge of business and marketing strategies, therefore they need to learn digital marketing it is one step ahead of normal business or marketing strategy. It is easy to learn and get training in digital marketing.


ii) Various career prospects:

Digital marketing has numerous career prospects. It is a huge subject to learn. There is much variety such as content writing, online advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, copywriting, inbound marketing and conversion rate optimization.

In digital marketing course, the learners need to get basic knowledge all the area mentioned above. Then they can get specialization in any field of their choice or interest.


iii) The demand of the industry:

There are various types of businesses in India such as hospitality, retail, real estates, travel, consultancy and many more. All this industry want their business to grow and advertise their company on an online platform. For this, they are demanding employees who have digital marketing skills.


iv) Equal to MBA:

Nowadays, to get a job professional education is not enough. The industry is demanding professional skills also. In the last few years, there has been a lot of change in the marketing strategy but the BBA or MBA course curriculum has changed a lot. There is a gap between industry skills and education.

Digital marketing is gaining popularity in today’s time. With the help of digital marketing, detailed and clear information about the product and services are given through updated marketing strategies and content marketing. It helps in building brand reputation, proper result-oriented marketing and advanced advertisement which makes it relevant to the MBA program.


v) Affordable:

The course fees of digital marketing are not high as compared to BBA or MBA degree. It is an affordable paid course and by paying a reasonable amount, one can easily gain ample amount of knowledge. Digital marketing can convert skills into a business idea and gives many career prospects.


vi) Enhances marketing skills:

Digital markets enhance marketing skills. It adds weight to the resume. It is also considered as a professional course. There is no requirement to do any kind of internship or graduate placement. Digital marketing skills increase working knowledge.


vii) Certification program:

Digital marketing is a job-oriented course. Nowadays, every company requires professionals for their work. It is a certified course and it will add an advantage to the MBA candidates. The certification provides proof that the learner has a knowledge of digital marketing and they are certified professionals.

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viii) Skilled-based course:

Digital marketing is not based on theory. It is a skilled-based course. In the course of digital marketing, practical knowledge is more important than theoretical knowledge. Digital marketing is considered as an ideal course to do after MBA. By learning digital marketing course, there are lots of career opportunities.


ix) Freelancing career options:

Through digital marketing, one can easily work as a freelancer. On social media, products or services can be promoted or optimizing a website can also be done. In freelancing, timing is flexible and have options to select work according to the preferences.


x) Start your own business:

Through digital marketing, you can start your own business and work for your company itself. One can easily promote their product or services with these skills or start a digital marketing agency.


Therefore, it is understood that digital marketing has many advantages, especially for BBA or MBA candidates. It is a trending course and it will enhance the marketing skills. It is a demanding and popular course, so if anyone who has done BBA or MBA and are interested in this course then join the best digital marketing training institute in Kolkata.