Top 7 skills required to make a career in digital marketing

Nowadays, the method of marketing has changed. With the high use of the internet, people have shown interest in the modern way of marketing also which has given birth to ‘digital marketing’.

Have you ever seen online advertisements, blog, article or any other content? The person behind all these is an expert digital marketer. They continuously work on the online platform to promote their business.

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To be an expert in the digital marketing industry, we require some basic skills and not only education. It is the combination of numerous other qualities as well. It requires an understanding of the market and target audience demand. You can surely become a proficient in digital marketing and with experience also.

Some of the basic skills required are as follows:


i) Communication Skills:

communication skills

In digital marketing, we need good communication skills because we have to communicate to the audience in the best possible ways. The message or information about the product or services must be to the point and it must have clarity also. We need to continuously communicate with the customers so that their doubts can be cleared. The information must be simple so that a large number of people can easily understand it.


ii) Writing Skills:

writing skills

As we have mentioned that communication skill is essential for digital marketing likewise writing skills is also required. If the digital marketer knows how to pen down their ideas or thoughts, then it can be an advantage. They should have technical knowledge of optimizing an advertisement, website copy, a blog, etc. so that they can achieve the maximum output for their business.


iii) Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Search Engine Optimization

In digital marketing, SEO has become an important part. As we all know that in digital marketing every aspect is changing fast. Thus, a digital marketer has to be ready to adapt to the changes. SEO not only helps in ranking search results but in another way to increase the company’s goodwill. To keep their presence in the online platform, companies need SEO experts.

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iv) Content Marketing:

Content Marketing

Content marketing is important in digital marketing and it is considered as a king. People are keen on new and creative content. They want full information but in a simple way. The role of a content writer is to give information but in the simplest form so that the audience understands the perspective of the writer. A digital marketer should have the quality of put up engaging content so that the company becomes popular. There should be a continuous increase in the number of the viewer and make them stay on their page for a long time with interesting and useful information.


v) Social Media Marketing:

social media marketing

Digital marketing has also made its place in social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. It has become a great place to promote and generate leads for their business. A digital marketer needs to continuously engage with new customers. According to Radiate Media report, 2016, it says that 78% of small scale business gets a quarter of new clients through social media. Through social media, companies can instantly connect with their clients.


vi) Mobile Marketing:

mobile marketing

Earlier internet was only accessible through desktop but with the development of technology, the internet is mostly used from the mobiles. Though desktop and mobile marketing are not very different. The digital marketer should have enough knowledge about mobile marketing as well. They should know how to optimize the mobile website for better user experience. There has been an increase in demand for mobile marketing because of the high use of the internet. People want information on their fingertip and keeping this mind, the digital marketer must be ready to market their product or services through mobile also.


vii) Email Marketing:

email marketing

Marketing can be done through email. In email marketing, emails are sent to existing and prospective customers so that they get the latest update about the product and services. Through email marketing, companies can send their information about their new product, latest offer and even take reviews from their clients.



Therefore, we can say that these are important and basic skills which a digital marketer should know to become an expert. There is ample of opportunities in the digital marketing industry. If you become an expert in digital marketing then you can easily work for a company, start or promote your own business or even work as a freelancer. Before ending this article, one important point which we would like to mention is that one should take a digital marketing course in Kolkata. There are several institutes which give training but one should always go for the best digital marketing institute in Kolkata.