Top 15 Digital Marketing Interview Questions and Answers

Top 15 Digital Marketing Interview Questions and Answers

In this article, we will try to list down the common questions asked by the employer in a digital marketing interview. We will answer the questions also, we might the candidates to prepare and crack their interview.

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1) What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a method of promoting product or services through online channels which includes various techniques such as SEO, SEM, Email marketing, social media marketing or content marketing.

2) What do you mean by SEO?

SEO is acronym of Search Engine Optimization which helps to increasing the quality traffic for the website. It is an important techniques of digital marketing. The right use of keywords helps to increase search engine rankings.

3) What is keyword?

In digital marketing, a user’s or person write or enters in search engine page to find an information. The words or a phrase used in known as keywords.

4) What is On-page and Off-page optimization?

On-page Optimization: The manipulations made directly to a web page to increase higher ranking is known as on-page optimization. The changes are done on the content and structure of the website.

Off-page optimization: It is the process of increasing search engine rank but not doing any manipulation on the website directly. Off-page optimization SEO includes backlinks, social signals or link relevancy, etc. It is an indirect technique of boosting search engine rankings.

5) What are the different techniques of SEO practices?

Generally, there are three types of SEO which are as follows:

White-hat SEO: It is the genuine type of SEO which strictly follows the guideline of search engine and does not violate any rule to increase their rank in search engine. Its result is slow but strong.

Black-hat SEO: This method involves SEO which violates the rule of search engine. There are some common methods of black-hat SEO such as keyword stuffing, copy write content or plagiarism content. In this process, users are misled and get insincere traffic.

Grey-hat SEO: In this method, both the SEO types are used. 90% white hat SEO and 10% black-hat SEO is used.

6) What are the characteristics of bad links?

Some of the characteristics of bad links are as follows:

a) Websites link which are not related to your sites.

b) Paid links

c) Links from link exchanges

d) Links from those sites that are not in Google index

e) Spammy links from blogs or articles.

7) Why online marketing is preferred more than offline marketing?

Online marketing is preferred because nowadays people are greatly involved with the internet use. Marketing through online is much more impressive than offline marketing. Online marketing is cost-effective in comparison to the offline marketing.

8) What is Pay per Click (PPC)?

It is method used to direct traffic to the websites. When the ad is clicked then advertisers pay the publisher. Pay per click is also known as cost per click and it is an internet advertising. They pay for click made by a visitors.

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9) How can you classify the digital marketing?

Digital marketing is generally classified in two categories such as inbound marketing and outbound marketing.

Inbound marketing: In this method of marketing, help of social media, e-books, newsletter or webinars is taken to increase the number of clicks on the links and advertise to increase brand awareness among the customers.

Outbound marketing:  In this method, potential customers are reached through digital medium such as calls, emails, etc.

10)  Mention the key areas where keywords can be used to optimize the site ranking.

To optimize the site ranking, keywords can be used in the following places:

a) Website title

b) Website URL

c) Headlines

d) Web page content

e) Meta tag

11) Mention some channels to promote digital marketing.

Some of the popular channels to promote digital marketing are as follows:

a) Social media marketing

b) Affiliate marketing

c) Email marketing

d) Display marketing

e) Video advertising

f) Online PR

12) Tell us about some useful marketing tools.

Some of the useful marketing are as follows:

a) Google Analytics

b) XML Sitemap Generator

c) Digital Point Keyword Tracker

d) Crazy Egg Heat map

e) Favicon Generator

f) Keyword Discovery

g) Alexa Ranking

h) RankWatch

13) What is Google Adwords?

Google Ads is an online platform for advertising which is developed by Google and they are being paid for displaying advertisement, product listing, service offerings or video and it is displayed Google.


14) What is WebMaster tool?


Now WebMaster tool has been renamed and called Google Search Console. It is a web service by Google which allows them to check indexing status and optimize the visibility of their websites. This services is provided free of charge for webmasters.


Some of the advantages of using webmasters are as follows:

a) Free data indexing

b) Crawl errors

c) Back-links information

d) Website malware errors

e) XML sitemap

f) Search queries


15)  What is the Crawlers or Spider?

A crawler is a programmed script that look through the World Wide Web to read their pages and other information to create entries for a search engine index. Generally, the purpose is for web indexing. It is also known as spider or spider bot.



Here were some frequently asked questions in a digital marketing interview. These questions and answers will help you to prepare for an interview. Before taking admission in a digital marketing training institute in Kolkata, make sure that prepare you for the interview as well. There are many institute which offers digital marketing course in Kolkata.