PHP MYSql Training institutes in Kolkata

PHP is a very popular web programing language. About 80% of the web sites of the world are based on PHP/MySql.


PHP has covered a long and fast journey in the field of  web programing and has created a niche in the arena among popular languages.


Kolkata has been one of the best technical centers where many industry has evolved. There are different kind of industries here and million of workers are working.


Among those industries , IT industry is one of the most important industry in Kolkata where thousand of skilled  youths are working to earn their livelihood.

There are around 1500 companies in Kolkata only in IT sector

There are few middle level company and there are smaller ones. There are few MNCs also like Capgemini, Wipro, Cognizant, TCs etc. In these companies thousands of employees are working.

Different companies uses different technologies and programing languages  to meet the requirement of the client. Few works in Java, few works on ASP.NET and few  on  other technologies. But, what is common among all companies  most of the companies work on PHP/MySql. Hardly there is any company which  not might be working on PHP/MYSql. One of the major reason is that PHP  is cost free. Unlike other programing languages, for  PHP one does not have to pay a single rupee.

PHP is programing language and it requires MySql for database storage. MySql is also free and one does not have to buy any licence for this. These are the major reasons of being PHP the popular programing language.


As the demand s of PHP programmer increases, the candidates look for PHP Training centers for getting skill. Kolkata has been the center of education so how one can Imagine to be behind in terms of  IT education. There are several PHP Training center in Kolkata which imparts PHP courses.

But remember, not all PHP training institutes in Kolkata provides quality training. You have to choose carefully  or else you will waste your time and you will lose your money also.

AceSoftech Academy is the of the most trusted PHP  training center in Kolkata which provides advance PHP Training in Kolkata  The training is completely project based and the training process is one to one. The trainers are of high skilled and have excellent training record.


So, the question arises, who can lean this PHP MySql course and is this possible to do this course online?  The answer is yes. This course can be done class-room as  well  as online. For online PHP training, you will have to enroll  into AceProschool  where live instructor based  training is  provided.

If you are graduate and you have done BCA, B.Tech. M Tech etc, then this is the right course for you. If you have prior knowledge of C or C++ then learning this programing language is become more easy.


Another question is, if anyone makes a career in PHP/MySql, is this a stale and reliable career?

Yes, if anyone learns PHP/MySql and wants to be a  PHP Developer,  the decision is not bad. PHP is a highly popular programming language and if anyone learns this getting Job is not difficult.