How to Become a Professional Digital Marketer?

A modern and latest way of marketing is digital marketing. The company has started relying on online advertising which has resulted in increased demand for professional digital marketers.

According to the Reuters reports in 2017, it stated that there has increased in digital marketing spending by 44% in the United States and $52 billion in Britain. Globally, it is expected to move towards $100 billion on digital marketing spending. It can be an ideal career to work in the digital marketing industry because it is growing continuously and gives several opportunities.


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What is a digital marketer?

The responsibility of a digital marketer is to develop, implement and manage the marketing campaigns. They have to promote a company and its products or services. The role is not only to promote but to increase website traffic, generate leads and enhancing brand awareness using digital methods. They use different techniques such as email marketing, optimizing marketing campaigns, display and search advertising and advertising on social media. A digital marketer should also identify and evaluates new digital technologies, they even use Web analytics tools to measure site traffic.


Why should you become a digital marketer?

Anyone who is interested in marketing but doesn’t like the traditional way then they should opt for the digital marketer as their career. It is a very interesting career for those who like creativity and want to study consumer behaviour. It is the best career option for those who want to keep on learning new techniques of marketing.

For this career, one doesn’t need to take a four-year degree. A beginner can also take up this career and those who have experience in marketing, then it will be an advantage to them. It is a fast-moving industry which is constantly evolving.


High demand for digital marketers

According to Burning Glass Technologies reports they said that out of 10 marketing jobs advertising, every four are required for digital marketing.

They even reported that digital marketing positions take nearly 16% longer to fill, as compared to other roles. Higher salaries are offered by mobile marketing and multi-channel marketing. Marketing positions that call for digital marketing skills, they offer $7000 annually. There has been a great demand for digital marketing skills and expected to grow in future.


How to become a digital marketer?

Enrolling in a digital marketing institute is the step to become a digital marketer. We need to learn the skills required in digital marketing. Initially, it is better to learn the basics of all digital marketing skills and later on specializing in one skill.


Here are a few tips which will help to become a digital marketer:


1. Learn digital marketing course:

To become a digital marketer, it is important to enrol in a digital marketing course. Anyone can take up online course but it is preferable to take classroom training. The digital marketing course must cover every subject including hands-on projects as well. 

2. Learn from the professional and experienced trainer:

The teachers must be knowledgeable and experienced in this field. They should train the students in such a way that they get real-time working experience. The concept of digital marketing is constantly changing and developing with times, therefore the teachers must have enough knowledge so that the students must get proper theoretical and practical knowledge according to the prevailing demands of the industry.

3. On-the-job training:

It is important in digital marketing to get on-the-job training because it will help the learners to know how the work is done. Even a learner gets a digital marketing certificate and gets an entry-level job, it won’t be so helpful to them and somewhere they will lack in their work. On-the-job training helps the learner to gain work experience and increase their efficiency.

4. Learn from the best digital marketing blogs:

Another way of learning digital marketing online is to learn some tips from digital marketing experts. They teach the basics and advanced level skills through their blogs. To know about what’s happening in the digital marketing industry, then this expertise shares their knowledge on platforms.

Though this online guidance can be helpful they can’t be replaced with the offline digital marketing course.

5. Learn the basics from free online courses:

One can learn or get a brief idea about digital marketing online. It is a good way of collecting information. But the online course doesn’t give complete theoretical and practical knowledge about the subject. These free online courses give the learner only the basic idea. They even provide any certificate.

6. Specializations:

After learning the fundamentals of digital marketing, if anyone wants to specialize in one area, then they can go for it. There are many areas of specialization in digital marketing such as SEO specialist, Social media marketing specialist, PPC specialist, etc. It is totally up to the learner whether they want to specialize in one area or they want to be versatile in the digital marketing industry.


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Let’s know this specialist in detail


i) Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Specialist:

Search Engine Optimization Specialist (SEO)

The role of an SEO specialist is to make the website appear on the top of the search engine results. It is an essential skill for a digital marketer because they analyze and implements changes to the websites so that they optimized for the search engines. The optimized website to get good traffic and appear on the first of search engine.

ii) Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Specialist:

Pay Per Click Specialist

When we search for anything in the search engine and the results which come on top in the ad space above all the results. All these ads are set up by the Pay-Per-Click (PPC) specialist. The main aim of the PPC specialist is to bring maximum traffic to their website within their provided budget. They must be analytical so that they study the data and improve the campaign’s performance. The PPC specialist needs to know about display advertising.

iii) Social Media Marketing Specialist:

social media marketing specialist

In digital marketing, there is a special room for social media because of its widespread use. Many companies have started promoting their products or services through social media platform because of its mass impact. These platforms help the company to attract new and current customers. Their job is to create eye-catching content and analyze the data. Social media specialist needs to protect the company’s reputation as well. They need to plan and execute future campaigns. 

iv) Digital Marketing Specialist:

digital marketing specialist

Anyone who wants to become versatile or all-rounder in digital marketing, then this is also a great option. If they don’t want to specialize in a particular area then they can work as a digital marketing specialist also. A digital marketing specialist has the opportunity to experiment in each area. With experience, they can easily lead a marketing team.



As we all can see that these were some ways to become a professional digital marketer. One can either learn it online classes or through the blogs. But the best way to learn this course is from the best digital marketing institute in Kolkata. Anyone can become a digital marketing specialist or specialize in one area. For specializing in one aspect of digital marketing, they should take an advanced digital marketing course in Kolkata.