5 Elements of an effective digital marketing strategy

5 elements of an effective digital marketing strategy

Digital marketing campaigns can be effective if some strategies are planned and followed. The strategies not only help in an effective campaign but for data analysis also. It helps in understanding that which strategy is effective to reach the targeted audience and its main goal.

The success of the strategy will be measured by conversion rate and key performance guides. There are 5 components of an effective digital marketing strategy which are as follows:

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i) Objectivity: 

Marketing strategies should be based on unambiguous facts that means it should be very much clear and precise irrespective of their success or failure. It should be based on any personal feelings or the basis of instinct.


ii) Measurement: 

There must be a measurement of all campaign results from revenue effects to new user signups. It will not only provide the unbiased facts but will also help in future campaigns and determine progress to the management.


iii) Setting of Goal: 

To achieve the main goal, short-term goals to be set along with the main goal. This component will help to ensure an effective digital marketing strategy.


iv) Optimization: 

For optimization, fine-tuning should be done within the set strategy, content styles and audience group and to experiment with new keywords. All these steps should be done to make sure that best practices are in place.


v) Practicability: 

Keeping time and budget limits in mind, the practical approach should be taken to strategic planning and focusing on the most important parts of the plan.



The 5 components of an effective digital marketing strategy are important to achieve the goal in the most cost-effective way. First of all, the facts or data must be clear-cut whether that plan was a failure or success. Every strategy must have its ultimate goal and work according to it and several measurements must be done and regularly tweaking must be within the set strategy. With all this research work, practical execution must be done to get the result without losing focus on important parts of the plan.
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